Why Cubed?

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Jul 9, 2006 at 6:09 AM
Just as an introduction, I thought I would give some background into the Cubed project.

I have been developing open source software for several years now. In the past, Bamboo Software have released products such as Open4Business - an open source accounting package, as well as the iShare financial range including share tracking and Financial Freedom calculations.

Several years ago I was forced by a major bank to close the iShare financial range after they claimed they had written similar software which used the same name. So I did. This software, and the accompanying Open4Business package, have all been removed (there original source code is still available through SourceForge).

Since then I have been working commercially for several different development houses, and have started using Microsoft(r) SQL Server(tm) Analysis Services(tm). I think this is a great application - and the power behind it being used for data analysis is overwhelming.

However, I think AS can be expanded alot, and not used for traditional financial uses but more security and research functions. Additionally, I think it should be adapted and made easier to use, being moved from a developer's tool to more of an analyst's tool.

Finally, I would like to have AS run easily under Oracle(r), MySQL(r) and SQL Server(tm). Sharing information from all three if neccessary! As well as being able to run under a Linux Server.

Thus - Cubed was born. Cubed aims to provide a simpler interface, more flexibility in platform, as well as expanded use for the power of Analysis. Look out for 2007 1.0, the first beta release, and see what it turns out like!
Aug 28, 2006 at 4:55 PM

I'm a Data Architect building cubes for a health care ratings company. Interesting project. I use AS 2005 exclusively now and I found bugs and a lot of rough edges. So I'm looking forward to your project release. Will you be posting any roadmap or list of features? Also, it seems that you have a good idea of how AS works internally. I have been speculating about this for some time as knowledge of how it works would help greatly with using it. I looked for some internals information but did not find any. Is there any available that you know of? I am writing a book on developing cubes and that would be good information for it. So would your Cubed project.


- Grant Anderson
Sep 3, 2006 at 9:55 AM
Hi Grant

Thanks alot for your interest. I haven't taken care of alot of my administration yet, as I've been focusing on my 1.0 beta release and getting it out there for discussion.

Once I release it (sometime in October I am aiming for) I will take a step back and look at more of a future goal and feature roadmap.

To that end, I would love to hear more about your experiences with AS 2005. To be honest, I have been working exclusively with AS 2000... and while I've looked at 2005, I think there are probably a few good new features I don't know about.

More importantly though, I would love to talk more about some of the features that you are not happy with AS 2005... and if I can adapt Cubed to meet your needs, all the better!

I am also happy to discuss cube design in general with you if it will help you either in your work or your book.

My e-mail address is brendan@bamboosoftware.com. Please feel free to e-mail me directly and we can discuss those issues out of the forums.


Brendan Hayes
Sep 3, 2006 at 9:58 AM
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Oct 4, 2006 at 6:50 PM

I’m working in Argentina’s government developing BI applications. Due to political decisions we only have two options: work with open source tools or create our own components.

The group I belong to develops all the applications in C#. Through different users requirements we have created a basic ROLAP engine which satisfies the needed objectives and a little analysis and exploration tool’s set working as users interface.

Because of this project, a doubt aroused in me regarding the existence of a C# ROLAP open source engine that can be of advantage to the community. So far I only know MONDRIAN ´s work in java (spread out by pentaho) as reference of a successful Open Source and architecture project..

I checked (not exhaustive) your code, and it seems much more simpliest than Mondrian approach.

I have some doubts (or questions) about some points of your code.

Another interesting idea I had, is to make use of LINQ (XLINQ y DLINQ) technology to develop C# engine. I don’t know if you already had this on mind.

For the little I could see, it could be very useful.

I’m really enthusiastic about your project and hope to be useful in any sense.

One little question: for the Cube Designer you used some libraries that are not included in zip file?

Good luck

Your sincerely

Diego Carballo

Oct 15, 2006 at 6:45 AM
Hi Diego

Thank you for your enthusiastic response.

I guess I'll start by saying that "Cubed" is a long way from complete. I had hoped to have a "proof-of-concept" release out by October, but at this stage it looks like the end of the year.

I have worked alot with Microsoft Analysis Services (2000 and 2005) and some other proprietary solutions. I have also played a little with Mondrian but I wasn't a big fan of it - mainly because it seemed too difficult.

It is true - you picked up that my design was "very simple". It is, and hopefully the end product is simple too. That's where I want Cubed to go - something which is quick and easy to get started, but has some powerful extensions (like external assembly based formulas, etc.)

Regarding Cubed Designer, I used the "Ascend" .NET control library, which is an open source library downloadable from this web site.

I haven't actually done any development on Cubed Designer though, so you'll find it disappointing!

If you would like to talk more about the project, feel free to e-mail me directly (brendan@bamboosoftware.com). I am currently working on the consolidation engine and the XMLA support. Once I have those done, I'll play with Cubed Designer and then I'll have something you can actually play with.

In the mean while - feel free to e-mail me, give me thoughts on any of the code you think will or won't work (I haven't done any testing because I haven't done any front-end interface yet) - and I'll be happy to chat!

I'll also be very happy if you end up using my project for your government! I have had extensive experience developing Financial (budgeting) applications for the government of Australia, and also developing security analysis software, so if you'd like to talk more about any of that I may be helpful.

Thanks again!


Brendan Hayes